This blog is ran by Brittany & Jessica. We figured it was time to have a page dedicated to all the Southern/Country girls. We always see the reblog post saying 'Reblog if you're country & I'll follow you' So now you can just come to our page & click a link & find you a country girl. Check out our Southern Casanova page as well !

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Anonymous Asked: Can black people be country?


Yeah… I don’t see why they can’t.. 

Color aint got nothin’ to do with it.

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I [Brittany] read everything you guys reblog & add to the post.

I can’t speak for Jessica. But if you do not like someone don’t reblog their photo & add something rude to it.

That’s cruel & we won’t put up with you making fun of others. Be nice y’all.

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blame-it-on-my-roots Asked: hey can i be added to the list please?


You sure can.

Really y’all…

Don’t send us rude messages talking about the people who submit to us. It’s not your place to say if they’re country or not. If you don’t like the photos people submit to us, unfollow us… 

Country isn’t about the state you are from.

Stop being judgmental assholes & get over yourselves.

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Anonymous Asked: 90% of the girls who submit to you are fakes. Their country because they think it's cute they don't live the country life they just dress country to be cool


That’s your personal opinion. Sorry you feel that way.

Then you tell us what country is, since you know so much.

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Heyy yall submit to us !!

Reblog , Follow , annd Submit !!!

We would  love to hear about ya 

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My name is Ashley & I am 22 years old & one hell of a country girl. Been that way since birth & there ain’t a damn way you could take it outta me. I was raised on the KY/TN  border or as we like to call it “Tuckasee”. I got a mouth like a sailor & can drink ANY man under the table. But I also have class since my Grandparents raised me right. Thanks for reading y’all & follow me if y’all want cause I will definitely follow back!! (:

My name Is Courtney Anne. I’m 21. I am orig a Northerner but moved to the South when I was 18. Country is in my bones and I wouldnt have it any other way. Its not about where your from its about how you live!

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